What is Effective Packaging?

What is effective packaging? It is a question that has baffled the imagination of the best of designers and inventors since time immemorial. To arrive at an accurate answer, one must take into account various aspects like its utility and usefulness to the users, its durability, easy handling, ability to resist the harmful effects of weather, air, moisture etc. In the light of these considerations, we can safely conclude that the utility of a product and its longevity is determined by the nature of the packing material. A well thought out packaging material is not only reliable but is also capable of imparting a unique shape and identity to your products. In other words, a well-chosen, carefully chosen and effectively packaged product is bound to be more valuable than its rivals.

What is effective packaging

Plastic has emerged as a popular packaging material mainly because of its versatility. It is inexpensive, durable, lightweight, transparent, dust proof and tamper proof. It can be moulded to almost any shape imaginable and it comes with or without packing peanuts and foam inserts. Its elasticity and ductility make it ideal for varied packaging applications including food, medicine, cosmetics, clothes, books, confectionery, toys, pipes etc. Thus, it provides an invaluable service as far as the quality and safety of the product is concerned.

What is effective packaging? For a product to be effective it must have an attractive look, an appealing scent and a secure seal. Hence, it is imperative that a good packaging material should possess the following qualities:

The superior quality and good appearance of plastic are guaranteed. It is very easy to preserve and protect the freshness of food. Plastic’s chemical properties enable it to resist most of the common chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of packaging. For instance, it can bear the heat of the oven or the acid that is used in the washing process.

Plastic has excellent thermal insulation, which prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi that cause botulism. In addition, it keeps the contents cool or warm, depending on their nature. It also protects the products from ultraviolet radiation and keeps them free of moisture. Thus, plastic is ideal for use in food packaging.

What is effective packaging? The use of clear, color sealed, self-sticking and tamper-proof plastic increases the safety of any product. Also, the product’s shape, size, weight and consistency all contribute to its effectiveness.